CNC Machining in Ferndale, MI

At Tru-Thread Co Inc, we’re proud to offer metal machining services that can’t be beaten. Between threading, knurling and turning, we can take a piece of material and turn it into the most valuable component of your product.

We’ve established a reputation of being the best CNC machining service in Ferndale, MI. Let us help you make the strongest and most durable products possible while speeding up production time and keep production costs at a minimum.

  • Thread rolling: When you need a strong and smooth external thread form that’s uniform and affordable, thread rolling is the best technique to use. Instead of grinding material away, we push and manipulate the material into your desired shape, creating strength where it’s needed most. examples of thread-rolled products:  tie rods, bolts, short tubes, pipe threads, re-rolling of damaged threaded parts.  Specialists in thread rolling of stainless steel parts.  Prototype and production runs.
  • Knurling: We can execute several types of knurling, including annular rings, linear knurls, and diamond knurls. Whether the knurl is cosmetic or required for performance, we can flawlessly execute the knurl design of your choice in accordance to your strict measurements.
  • CNC turning and machining: Plenty of shops in Ferndale, Detroit, Wayne County, Oakland County, Saint Clair County, and Macomb County, MI trust us for making the parts that no one else can. Our CNC turning and machining can create tubular shapes on both the outside and inside of materials. The result is a piece of hardware that matches your design prototype flawlessly.

If you’re a machine shop near Ferndale, MI, we can provide you with the parts you need to keep production running smoothly. In fact, we cater to a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, and more. We understand how important our role is in your own company’s success. This is why we pride ourselves in proper execution the first time around and we take your satisfaction very seriously. We love to take on a challenge and throughout our 60 years of operation, we’ve had the privilege of producing the necessary parts to complete a wide variety of products.

  • Aerospace parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive needs
  • Worms and lead screws
  • Bronze nut and screw assembly
  • Retaining nuts and caps
  • Special Threaded Fasteners
  • Straight and diamond knurls

We would be honored to discuss your product needs and provide you a free quote for our services. If you own a shop in Ferndale, MI, contact us at 248-399-0255 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding our CNC milling and CNC machining services, products, or techniques. We can’t wait to improve your business with our services!