August 14, 2020

Mike Estes

"Ka-Wood gear has a long standing relationship with Tru-Thread. You can expect quality products, on time delivery, and reasonable prices."
August 13, 2020

Patrick Davidson

"Very professional operation. Friendly, easy to work with, and does great work! And you can't beat their turn-around times! Highly recommended!"
August 13, 2020

Paul Parker

"Our company has had a very long and profitable relationship with Tru-Thread. The quality provided is top notch and turn around times are usually very good. I would definitely recommend this shop for any thread turning work."
August 13, 2020

Tim Taylor

"Great Service & Quality They have assisted us on many Projects over the years."
August 12, 2020

ASAP Tool Inc.

"Tru -Thread Co. is great to work with. We always get our jobs in a timely matter, and the work is always done with precision. Everyone is a pleasure to work with."